North Dakota Paralegal Schools


Like to work for a law firm, but don’t want to the spend money, time, and energy to become a lawyer? Then a calling in paralegal could be the perfect career option for you. To become viable for an entry-level position in paralegal, you must first acquire at least a two year associates degree in paralegal studies. If you already completed a bachelor’s degree, you can get a North Dakota certificate in paralegal studies. Depending on the program and your availability, the North Dakota paralegal certificate may take up to a year to complete, but many complete it within a few month. There is an abundant amount of accredited schools that offer the training in paralegal. There are community colleges, four-year universities, online North Dakota paralegal schools, and law schools. If you find a school that is not on our list, make sure to do some research ahead of enrolling. According to the American Bar Association, there are currently 260 accredited paralegal programs, few that are located in North Dakota, if there are none and you do not want to move to go to school, you should consider taking a Online North Dakota paralegal degree program. Applicants thinking about attending school should make sure they are an accredited North Dakota Paralegal School either by the ABA or another source. Schools that we list are all North Dakota accredited paralegal colleges.

North Dakota Paralegal Training

Students in a paralegal studies program should look to take classes in torts and personal injury, contracts, legal research, professional responsibilities, criminal law, real property, domestic relations, immigration law, etc. They will also need to learn about basic accounting, economic, finance, and business. These North Dakota paralegal training programs will prepare students to apply state and federal statues, draft basic law documents, and employ transferable skills in the business sector.

North Dakota Paralegal Program Cost

Spend a few minutes and request information from the accredited paralegal schools below to get the most recent tuition costs. The costs of school like any school vary in North Dakota. Make sure you choose you a program that will fit in your budget as well as your schedule.

The career prospect for graduates of accredited North Dakota Paralegal school will discover that the landscape though aggressive, will still have lots of opportunities with over 28% increase in employment according to the US Bureau of Labor. Look forward to making average salary of over $60k year with full benefits.

What are you waiting? Requesting information from the school will only take 5 minutes of your time. Make sure to apply to multiple schools so you can compare. The schools will send you a free information packet and also a call from their admission office.

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