Accredited Paralegal Degrees


Paralegal degree programs are offered at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels. These degrees can be completed at community colleges, universities, or through online degree programs paralegal degrees prepare students for work in legal offices.

Associate’s Degree

Most students who choose to complete the associate paralegal degree choose to do so at a community college. Most associate degree programs require students to complete:

  • basic courses in math, English, and science
  • several classes that focus on particular types of law, such as tort law and family law
    legal and political science courses
  • a course in law office management
  • a course in the proper way to conduct legal research

Bachelor’s Degree

The paralegal bachelor degree is offered online and at some colleges and universities. Students who already have the associate’s degree may be able to transfer some of their courses toward the bachelor’s degree, and this enables them to earn the bachelor’s in less time than the standard four years. Bachelor’s degree courses are generally more intensive than the associate degree courses. Bachelor’s degree students should be prepared to conduct more research and gain a broader knowledge of the law.

Master’s Degree

The paralegal master’s degree is a terminal degree that requires students to study more extensively in their field. The degree is offered at a limited number of colleges and universities. Some students do not pursue the degree because an associate’s or a bachelor’s is generally enough education to begin work in their field.

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